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AMPP Payout for 2023 is 3.8%

AMPP Bonus Payout Announced 3.8% for 2023, Payable on February 22, 2024


Using information provided by our members, our AMPP Committee was able to engage with the company and together determined areas of the AMPP calculations that could be removed in order to improve the metrics, leading to a better payout. We agreed to remove specific areas in quality and productivity that were outside of our members’ control, resulting in an increase from 1.2% to 3.8%.


Payout for safety was maxed at 1.2%

Payout for productivity was maxed at 2.4%

Payout for quality was calculated at 0.2%


While the current AMPP structure is in place through 2024, this is the last AMPP bonus calculation before bargaining begins for our contract with Boeing, which expires on September 12, 2024.


During negotiations, we will work toward an improved bonus structure that truly recognizes the value our membership brings to The Boeing Company and rewards you for the work you do.

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